Court Appointed Special Advocates
of Orange County

Smile for a Lifetime (S4L) Orange County has partnered with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Orange County to increase S4L’s service to youth in dependency.

The information on this page is intended for CASAs to assist their youth in the application process.


The following documents must be completed and submitted to your case supervisor to review before the packet is submitted to the S4L board:

  • Orthodontic Scholarship Application Form
  • Applicant Questionnaire and Information — Handwritten by applicant
  • Contract — Read and signed by applicant, caretaker and social worker
  • Commitment Letter — Read and signed by caretaker, CASA or social worker
  • "Pay It Forward" Plan — Handwritten by applicant
  • Report Card from school
  • 2 letters of recommendation — Could be from family, friends, teachers/coaches, counselors, CASA, dentists, etc., (with contact information)
  • 2 Photos — (1) headshot with full smile and (1) close-up of fully exposed teeth from front

Submit the complete Application Checklist to your case supervisor for final review. Your case supervisor will give you the final instructions for submitting the application.


  • The whole braces process will take approximately 18-24 months with appointments approximately every 8 weeks. Youth must have lost all baby teeth with all adult teeth in.
  • S4L is very community oriented. While not all CASA youth currently have the capacity to give back in the way S4L is asking, S4L wants to see the youth’s intention to eventually pay their gift forward in one capacity or another.
  • A heartfelt application will stand out to the board so keep that in mind when working with your youth to complete the application.

Questions? Contact your CASA case supervisor if you have questions about the application process.